Architects and urban planners in interdisciplinary teams, we work on projects ranging from urban space to building construction. Classical planning methods go hand in hand with innovative tools.

Mission, Vision, Overall description of product / company

Our office can look back on a long planning tradition and a multitude of projects of all sizes.

Social responsibility

The human being with his needs and requirements is at the center of our planning. We refer to the three pillars of sustainability: economics, ecology and social issues. 


As urbanists, we are concerned about the interaction between the house and the city. As architects, we design concrete, diverse and surprising living spaces. We always look at projects from different perspectives, from large-scale, urban structures to the level of users.

Built quality

We do not think in disciplines and standards, we think in solutions. We work with a cross-scale planning approach in which all relevant specialist disciplines are integrated into the design process at an early stage.


Construction and architecture

Phase: Established