Automotive Cluster Bulgaria

arch. Lyubomir Stanislavov
+359 2 98 687 54
Type of the organization / person: Catalysts

"The Automotive Cluster Bulgaria (ACB), founded in July 2012, is a non-profit organization which represents the interests of automotive manufacturers, suppliers and organizations providing services for the automotive industry. It fosters synergies between the cluster members and supports their business growth and competitiveness through participation in international joint projects, case studies and professional automotive qualification programs.

The ACB currently boasts 22 nationally and internationally renowned member companies.

Core objectives:

  • Support automotive industry companies with headquarters or subsidiaries in Bulgaria in setting-up and further development of production, assembling, R&D, sales or service
  • Attract car manufacturers, manufacturers of special vehicles and leading international suppliers of automotive components to Bulgarian market and demonstrate locational advantages of Bulgaria over other Eastern European countries, the Middle East and North Africa
  • Support projects of ACB members on introduction of technical improvements and innovations, optimization of quality, structures and processes to reduce costs and increase competitiveness in international markets
  • Represent interests of ACB members in all matters, for example via implementation of measures for development of favourable legal and financial conditions for ACB companies
  • Stimulate ethical market relationships, i.e. corporate government and compliance to be in line with European directives
  • Develop and support implementation of measures together with the government, universities, private training providers and ACB members regarding education and training, technology centers development"

Key clients and/or partners


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