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BioSeek JSC is a young biotech company, building a new breed of online research environment especially for the needs of researchers in Life Sciences. We are the only platform, designed to cover the full workflow spectrum of the scientific research process, and we are a million times more efficient than any existing search engine.

Mission, Vision, Overall description of product / company is tailored to meet the needs of scientific research in the domain of Life Sciences. It is a fully integrated multi-component platform based on a qualitatively new type of search engine which operates in a graph database containing all the information scientists need to excel in their research. The platform includes an online product marketplace, cutting-edge research visualisation tools and a publishing module. 

Why BioSeek?

1. All data in one place. We aggregate all data from KEGG, NCBI, PubChem, UniProd, PubMed, and Reactome and enable researchers and their teams to gather, curate and analyse relevant information.
2. The power of the data graph. We unify all the information in one single database, which allows us to draw all connections between all searchable entities and deliver accurate and exhaustive results to complex, multifaceted searches.
3. Make unique searches. BioSeek is a million times more efficient than any existing search engine. A simple math calculation shows that it can complete a complex task that normally takes 850 hours in about 5 seconds!
4. Mind mapping tool. Don’t lose context! Navigate the data comfortably, track search paths and have it all put together in a dynamic mind map, which keeps all the specific relations between the entities. 
5. Join forces with your peers. All entities are searchable, commentable and shareable. 
6. Make your research visible. The first and only online publishing platform, designed especially for Life Science publications. Embed any operational entity in your paper, and see the impact of your research in real time through our dashboard. Make your findings available in all languages through our translators hub. Request a peer review from our community.


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Phase: Validation
Date of birth: 01/01/2017