Bulgarian Cluster „Telecommunications” (BCT)

Prof. Ph.D. Vladimir Poulkov
003592489 9744
Type of the organization / person: Catalysts

The cluster was founded with the purpose of improving the competitiveness of companies. The efforts are directed at the implementation of the best practices in management processes, the improvement of the marketing strategies of companies, the achievement of higher degree of internationalisation and the penetration of new markets.

The portfolio of the member companies covers almost the entire product range of telecommunication services. The member companies construct, produce, install and maintain competitive products. One part of them is made up of software products which find application in the field of modern telecommunication services: IP telecommunications, intranet systems, and specialised software. Other main fields the companies work in include development of telecommunication and network equipment, micro- and nanoelectronics, embedded systems, power supply devices and converters, security systems, access control and fire alarm systems, multiplexers, optical communications, etc.

The main advantages of Bulgarian Cluster “Telecommunications” can be seen in the design, development and maintenance of complex telecommunication networks, where the cluster’s experts most effectively combine products and solutions of leading international companies such as Cisco, Juniper Networks, Infinera, Microsoft, Schmid Telecom, R&M, MicroSens, SAGEM, ADC, RedHat with own equipment and software solutions – SDH/PDH Mux, intelligent gigabit switches, interface converters, integrated access devices – IADs, billing and accounting systems, voice recorders and many more.

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