Bulgarian Outsourcing Association (BOA)

Type of the organization / person: Catalysts, Other

The Bulgarian Outsourcing Association is an independent industry organisation which consolidates the interests the outsourcing companies, SSCs and related industry sectors  and engages in policy advocacy, industry development, knowledge sharing & collaboration. 


We aim to establish and sustain Bulgaria as a leading global outsourcing and value-added business services destination and preferred and trusted business partner. Therefore, we:

  1. Engage for the balanced development and growth of all regions and cities in Bulgaria and support their positioning on the international map of the outsourcing industry.  
  2. Facilitate and support the efforts of other countries in the development of the entire region as business and outsourcing destination.
  3. Facilitate growth and work for the improvement of legal and economic environment for the outsourcing, knowledge-intensive and hi-tech and innovative businesses in Bulgaria.
  4. Work with the government to shape policies in all key areas for the development of outsourcing industry, including education and skill development, transport and infrastructure, trade and business services, investments, science and innovations.
  5. Expand the country’s pool of highly educated and skilled talent, retain and attract professionals and support their development.
  6. Support all efforts for improvement of quality of education and bringing it in line with the modern business and technological development.
  7. Work for the knowledge collection and sharing and the promotion of best practices in the outsourcing industry and knowledge-intensive businesses in Bulgaria.
  8. Contribute to the development of civil society, science and technologies and the establishment of social values towards entrepreneurship and economic initiative within the Bulgarian cultural and national traditions.

Key clients and/or partners

The association groups companies from all spheres of the outsourcing industry – BPO, ITO, KPO, LPO, HRO, SPO, R&D Centers, SSC. 




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