Bulgarian Small and Medium Enterprises Promotion Agency

Gabriela Kozareva - Executive director
Type of the organization / person: Government

The Executive Agency for Promotion of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises subordinates its activities to the implementation of the general strategic goal, enshrined in the National Development Plan of the Republic of Bulgaria. It works to:
- Support small and medium business in Bulgaria;
- Promote family business;- Encourage the entrepreneurial spirit among young people and students;- Increase investment in Bulgarian small and medium enterprises;
- Stimulate innovation and new technologies in business;
- Promote the digital economy;
- Improve the cooperation with national, local, foreign and international governmental and non-governmental organizations;
- Improve the export position of small and medium-sized enterprises;
- Support SMEs in low-employment regions and others.

Key clients and/or partners

Small and medium business



Public administration