Business services
Dora Vassileva, CEO
0899 134 442
Type of the organization / person: Business services

Persistency and loyalty are leading principles in professionalism

Our image is based on effective solutions, helped by our long experience.

Presence on the Internet means evolving. Empowered by professionalism, innovation and advanced technology, we put the start of this evolution.

It is important that we know you, in order for us to offer you a successful solution. We know our clients. We strive to know our clients' customers as well, so we can offer a quality solution. Our clients trust us to take care of their online presence and development.

We create concepts, corporate identities, web sites, applications, new communication tools and channels for the brands. Aiming to reach the clients, we seek interaction with the users.

Key clients and/or partners

Vivacom, Nestle