Social entrepreneurs
Dimitar Tatarski
(+359) 877 731 236
Type of the organization / person: Education, Social entrepreneurs

Character.BG is a social start-up for establishing on online platform for well-being and character building in Bulgaria. It researches, adapts to Bulgarian context, promotes and integrates worldwide findings of contemporary science and practice on well-being and character accross social fields such as education, economics, business, politics, local development. Currently, Character.BG is focused on promoting and integrating positive education and character education as innovative educational approaches and game changes in Bulgarian education. Character.BG does this by providing access to relevant information and services to students, parents, teachers and educational institutions such as character workshops in class, positive animation for kids outside of class, trainings for parents and teachers, methodological support to kindergartens, schools and public administrations. Character.BG is initiated by ACC&U, a community for social development through social innovations. 

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