Type of the organization / person: Co-working - we don’t build communities. You are doing it, we only help you!

Cherryz is welcoming all Tech innovators and IT startups! It is not an open space - we don’t provide open space seating because we have offices only. Which is great for small committed teams, don’t you think?


We offer 20 separate rooms for small teams of 4-8 people, you can book a hot or a dedicated desk as well. At your disposal are also 3 meeting rooms, kitchen, table tennis room, storage rooms, server rooms, guest reception, coffee, printing, etc.

There are limited parking spaces available + bicycle locks and of course the metro line 1.

However, there is much more to that! So if you are looking for a coworking space Sofia, why don’t you come check it out! Get the tour – we offer a free drink and a free first day

Key clients and/or partners