Cluster Green Transport

Veselin Grozdanov
Type of the organization / person: Catalysts

"The cluster organization is established to achieve the following goals:

  • Establishment of active and business relations between the sectoral and complementary companies in the sector, use of a common specialized infrastructure, exchange of information, footage and equipment;
  • Integrating the opportunities and opportunities of the Bulgarian transport system in order to encourage the use of combined forms of transport;
  • Integration of national intermodal services and terminals into international intermodal networks;
  • Promote intermodality and green transport corridors and improve the skills of transport company employees;
  • Combining different modes of transport with existing port, ferry and domestic rail terminals in order to attract transit and reduce transport costs with current non-optimal modal solutions;
  • Integration of ferryboat complexes and Bulgarian Black Sea container terminals with the existing internal transport chain;
  • Extend the market horizons of feeder and ferry operators to third-party freight flows, freight transported by intermodal transport and consolidation in partner hubs;
  • Interchangeability of feeder and ferry services and direct connection and common pricing from an internal terminal to a customer's door and vice versa;
  • Consolidation of the flow of the various cluster members and their partners in block-train, combined, hub-to-hub and door-to-door schemes;"

Key clients and/or partners