Cornerstone Foundation

Type of the organization / person: Business services, Co-working, Mentors, Education, Catalysts

Cornerstone seeks to motivate current and future entrepreneurs from all backgrounds to run their business through the principles of ethical values and morals (for example fair treatment, of employees, customers, suppliers, payment of all taxes and following government regulations, etc.) and conduct all their business relationships with integrity.

This is accomplished by providing business training, mentoring, opportunities for loans, and supporting the implementation of business ideas by entrepreneurs who are motivated to assist the community in which they work and are eager to run their business based on values and integrity.

Group trainings

Training for Start-Ups. Training aimed at inexperienced or beginning entrepreneurs. Basic business skills are taught – market research, sales & marketing, finance, vision/strategy.

Business Plan development. Training aimed to entrepreneurs with a clear business idea and product, who have completed market research and demonstrate they are familiar with the business environment. Individual, one-to-one training. A business plan is developed.

Training for experienced micro-enterprises and SMEs (Small and Medium Size Enterprises). Training aimed to already running businesses. Modules taught: Marketing, Customer Service, Strategic planning, etc.

All trainings are practical with games, real case studies and exercises.

Cornerstone Foundation creates micro-loan opportunities to existing and future entrepreneurs who cannot provide alternative financing for capital to implement the business idea. After completion of a business plan, the participants have the possibility to apply for an interest free loan.

Individual business consultancy

All Cornerstone graduates are eligible for free business consultancy provided by the Foundation staff. The purpose of the business consultations is to ensure businesses are run according to Foundation principles and to maximize the possibility for success and profit of the newly launched or expanded enterprises. The businesses are motivated, coached, supported and encouraged. The frequency of the consultations is according to Risk-Evaluation Categorization, but unscheduled consultant's visits are also within the scope.

Key clients and/or partners

Our team of consultants are Bulgarian and American lecturers - each with many years of proven experience in their field.

These are entrepreneurs and business professionals who voluntarily train and instruct ambitious Bulgarian entrepreneurs.

Since we have a broad and various expertise in developing micro and SMEs, we are able to partner with different organizations as a service provider. We are flexible in terms of modules and teaching materials and we have a qialified pool of trainers and mentors.