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Social entrepreneurs
Tsonka Todorova,Veselka Yordanova
Type of the organization / person: Social entrepreneurs

We produce textile souvenirs, T-shirts with applications, soft dolls, bags, hats and more. We also develop and design themed ad collections. We execute orders at the customer's request. The products are made by cancer patients in remission and volunteers - our friends.Our social cause is the financing of the Day Center at the Association for Psychosocial Integration and Rehabilitation of Cancer Patients and Their Relatives. The center offers psychological help, art therapy, artworks, yoga practice, training and lymphoedagogy for adults and children of cancer patients.Support for the cause:A) Financing: Social enterprise 100% owned by NGOs, 40% municipal subsidy, 50% donations and 10% income from social enterpriseB) Other support: participation in training and information seminars.

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Textiles and apparel