Type of the organization / person: Catalysts

EVIC was registered on 25.11.2009 as a private Non-profit organization. It is the only cluster-type organization in Bulgaria operating in the electric mobility industry. The members of the cluster are primarily companies, operating in the field of design and production of components, spare parts and services for conversion and production of electric vehicles. EVIC clusters together companies, organizations and experts, specialized in variety engineering, industrial and non-production sectors from different regions of the country (participating in different levels of the supply chain, related to the EV industry). Unlike any typical cluster aiming to optimize a working business model EVIC creates new business potential, market and environment. IKEM Corp. is a corporation with the participation of EVIC’s members. The business focus of the corporation aims to bring together the industrial potential and opportunities of the cluster’s members. The cluster successfully combines it’s organizational and business approach in order to optimize its activities and eliminate any chance of conflict between different parties.

Key clients and/or partners

Main activities:

  • Development of the necessary legal framework and providing/securing the business environment 
  • Promoting and enhancing the R&D activities 
  • Capacity building, development of HR and specialized education 
  • Enhancing Business to Business activities