Janine M. Bamberger

Greenpie is an online platform that allows nutrition health providers to automate their business processes.

Mission, Vision, Overall description of product / company

Greenpie App serves as a online platform that allows nutritionists, dietitians and other nutrition health providers to transition and automate their businesses online, communicate and work closely their clients over the Internet, in real - time.

It is the only online platform in the market that connects a professional nutritional software with a fitness app in the cloud.

By automating their workflow, Greenpie helps nutrition providers to focus on their clients and offer personalized care and education while predicting and monitoring their health in real – time over the Internet.

By combining a professional nutrition software (for the nutrition provider) and a fitness app (for their client), Greenpie App enables real time communication between the patient and provider, resulting in improvement of the quality of treatment, prevention, lower costs of treatment.

Greenpie App is a SaaS with monthly and annual recurring revenue model.



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