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Milena Hadziivanova
+359 888 905 206
Type of the organization / person: Business services

H-Vision is a consulting company for Organizational consulting and Strategic HR Management. Under the brand H-Vision are incorporated different directions and complex solutions, related to Human capital management.

The philosophy of H-Vision for persistence of high results is related to a complex, integrated and long-term approach, in which each project adds value to client's business.

Directions, in which H-Vision has developed products, expertise and trained specialists:

Corporate training (www.LeadInsideOut.com)

Recruitment/ talent acquisition (Executive Search) (www.RightPersons.com)

Strategic HR Management (HR Outsourcing)

Organizational diagnosis (Workforce View Survey)

Assessment of potential (Assessment and Development Centers)

Assessment of competence- 360 degrees feedback (www.Insight2B.com)

E- Learning (www.B2Know.com)

Coaching (Executivе coaching)

Key clients and/or partners