Type of the organization / person: Co-working

Hackafe - Plovdiv's co-workers' and hackers' space!

We are young, enterprising, educated and proactive. We create new technology and the future. We change the world. 

Hackafe Plovdiv is the place, where we exchange and share ideas, get new skills, make new contacts. We organize and co-organize courses, meetings, lectures and conferences in Plovdiv: 

  • current topics of web technology, design and programming
  • the annual PlovdivConf edition 
  • the PlovDev conference


Mostly people keen on high-tech and gadgets can be found there. In the space there are places for working and events and Hackafe has a program with different thematic meetings. In Hackafe there’s access to the following luxuries:

  • 3D printer
  • projector
  • oscilloscope
  • soldering equipment
  • software products
  • computer boards - Arduino, Raspberry pi, Olimex boards
  • Kinect v1 sensor.  

Key clients and/or partners