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Imperia Online Ltd. was officially founded in September 2009, but the idea for it was born along with its main product - the MMORTS, Imperia Online. Detailed research and crafting of the gameplay, mechanics and programming for the company’s main product were done by the game’ and company’s founders Dobroslav Dimitrov and Moni Dochev. In January 2005 an idea grows into a concept and on August 23 Era 1 of Realm 1 of Imperia Online goes live and the story begins. Our flagship title is a MMORTS game popular as a featured mobile Xbox title by Microsoft and as a preferred strategy game by Google Play. The company gets high scores from customers and receives recognition by various institutions. The most important ones are that Imperia Online Ltd. was proclaimed ‘A Rising Star’ in Deloitte’s Fastest Growing IT companies ranking for 2014 with a growth of 498%. And in 2015 was awarded by Deloitte as the 14th fastest growing IT company in Central Europe, having 592% revenue growth from 2011 to 2014. 

Mission, Vision, Overall description of product / company

Imperia Online Ltd. is one of the biggest game production companies in Southeastern Europe with 25 released games. The studio has over 45 million users worldwide and a team of 55+ professionals. The company's flagship title is Imperia Online - a medieval MMO strategy game, available on mobile, browsers, social networks and Steam.


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Phase: Exiting
Date of birth: 20/05/2018