International Power Supply (IPS AD)

Alexander Rangelov
+359 2 4265410
Type of the organization / person: R&D, Other

IPS is a fully-integrated manufacturer of high-quality and reliable power supply systems. The complete production is under NATO military certification for quality, which is a guarantee for safe and reliable operation in harsh ambient conditions.


IPS has 28 years of experience in the R&D and manufacturing of power electronics and energy conversion technologies. Our products are currently operated in 58 countries on all 7 continents:

  • 33 different product lines applicable across various sectors of the economy (e.g. Telecom, Defense, Residential, Oil & Gas, Utilities).
  • We specialise in off-grid power systems, mini grids, outdoor telecom power systems, OPEX optimization, rectifiers and inverters for energy substations, smart grids, next generation power supply technologies, R&D.


Our innovative EXERON technology is a unique system that allows the cost-effective and dependable utilization of renewable energy and provides power in sites with limited or no grid power. In 2014, the EXERON system won the Intersolar 2014 World Innovation Award for Electrical Energy Storage in Munich, Germany - probably the highest achievement in the area of renewable energy.    

Key clients and/or partners

The European Investment Fund, American and Greek companies are shareholders in International Power Supply.

Since 2014 PostScriptum Ventures Ltd., BlackPeak Capital, and MYTILINEOS have joined IPS family, supporting the global market penetration of the company worldwide.  



Machinery and equipment

Research and development