Joana Koleva / Iva Tsolova

JAMBA is an innovative online platform which educates people with disabilities, gives them key competencies and skills and connects them with their future employers. 

Mission, Vision, Overall description of product / company

Jamba (from latin – support, pillar) is an online platform and consultancy service providing environment for preliminary training and selection for career conversion for people with disabilities in Bulgaria.

The selection process of the platform is a specialized online environment for meetings between employers seeking candidates for different vacant positions and employees with various potential.

Matching the employer`s criteria and aligning the candidates, having in mind their individual necessity for accessible work environment.

Jamba is providing environment for building skills for the candidates, presenting them with different opportunities for trainings and internships. This program we call Jamba MIXER.

The mixer is probably the most important part of the career development of our Jamba HEROES, we know that now there are two big constraints with hiring people with disabilities. From one side, the prejudices from the employers, but also lack of professional skills from the candidates.

Jamba`s goals for 2017:

– Educate the business on the potential of people with different abilities

– Training of candidates in the IT sector with tendency of widening the range of trainings in other areas

– Hired and kept their jobs – minimum of 500 Jamba HEROES




Phase: Scaling