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Mariana Ahchiyska
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Type of the organization / person: Business services

The company “Korekt M - Mariana Ahchiyska” has been operating since 1998, and it is authorized by the Ministry of Internal Affairs to provide translation and legalization services, pursuant to valid contract 50/95-00-150/2001, concluded on 2nd January 2002.

Some of the members of our team have been involved in this activity since 1991. We are professional and experienced in our work, which allows us to guarantee our clients high quality, expeditiousness, professionalism and CORRECTNESS. We offer and provide translation from and to 40 languages, as well as legalization of all kinds of documents necessary for Bulgaria and abroad. We work in cooperation in 20 similar companies in the country. We deliver translations both via email and via reliable courier services in the country and abroad. 

Translations are made by qualified translators and interpreters, most of whom have university degrees in the respective languages. They are all approved and authorized to provide translations by the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Key clients and/or partners