Laboratory of Virtual Reality

Ass. Prof. Angel Bachvarov
Type of the organization / person: R&D

Laboratory of Virtual Reality was set up in 2008 with a faculty status under FaGEEIM. It is named after Prof. Iliya Boyadzhiev who initiated the establishment of the University Centre for Virtual Engineering, which the laboratory is part of.

Laboratory of Virtual Reality is the first of its kind in Bulgaria. It was set up under a research project, partly financed by MES under a contract with the “Scientific Research” Fund and the active participation of Karlsruhe University (at present Technological Institute Karlsruhe), Germany. 

The main technical facilities at the Laboratory include a wall for passive stereoscopic visualisation with backside projection, an LCD video wall for stereoscopic visualisation, computer cluster for parallel processing of graphic and multimedia information, tracking system for following the position of the user, HMD-end devices, specialised interface devices, a 360° camera. 

The software, which is used, has no parallel in the country and allows for the creation and multimodal presentation of virtual worlds and interaction of the virtual objects with several users.

The main advantage of virtual reality is the possibility for the users to be “immersed” in the artificial computer-created environment (immersion) and to feel that it exists around them. This experience has a number of advantages and makes it possible for the information to be taken in and processed at a cognitive level in a new, more effective way. The focus of the research at the centre is on the direct application of virtual reality and related new technologies in routine engineering activities, in making decisions and in researching and validating the properties and functionality of the design of complex items, long before they are “materialised”.

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