Social entrepreneurs
Yuliya Ivanova
Type of the organization / person: Social entrepreneurs

Since 2013, the initiative POdLEZNO has been engaged in creative renovation and the addition of new features in unattractive public spaces. The initiative starts with the renewal of the underpasses but expands its activity, including the opportunity for creative interpretation in other urban spaces. The team renovated four underpasses using the following thematics: nature, music, graffiti and cinema. Some of our new ideas are to create a scientific, gaming, sporting, theatrical and art underpass by choosing themes according to the wishes of the citizens. In 2017, we intend to create an underpass called "Science is Light", representing an extraordinary and unconventional museum full of knowledge and interactive installations, presented in an accessible and intriguing way.The organization works in partnership with the Sofia Municipality and the regional administrations, with a wide range of artists and volunteers. More information about our projects can be found at www.facebook.com/podlezno and www.podlezno.com.The organization's activities include:- Refurbishment of meglected areas, including design of installations and their implementation.- Conducting organized field work with active participation of citizens and volunteers. Including company employees in the form of teambuilding.- Conducting of children's workshops related to artistic expression and reuse of used materials.- Carry out recycling campaigns.- Design and preparation of interior projects and visualizations. We are open to future partnerships that would make a positive contribution to the environment and the society we live in.SOCIAL CAUSE:- Renovation of public spaces that do not have a good reputation and have neglected potential.- Introducing creativity and different types of culture into the urban environment.- Promote civil society and its involvement in the active transformation of the environment.- Helping the corporate social responsibility of businesses.

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