Single ID

Björn Pirrwitz

Welcome to the post-pasword era

Mission, Vision, Overall description of product / company

An app that asks nothing from you but provides the following in return: safe logins with no registration and no password. You receive your ID and you’re good to go. Fill in your data in the master form that remains encrypted to the outside world and is only stored on your mobile device, and use it from there anytime you need it.What all online users get with SingleID is empowerment: to be in control of their online identity and not to be forced down the endless corridors of registrations and identifications. This leads to a tangible change for businesses too, which boils down to increased sales and reduced costs. How? Through an improved user experience due to the avoidance of the identification hassle, greater trust in businesses because no personal data are collected, and decreased customer service needs connected to login problems.


Information Technologies

Date of birth: 2014