Telerik Academy

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Telerik Academy is the leading educational organization in Bulgaria that trains the next generation of digital builders. Focused on the latest technologies and top tech talent, Telerik Academy programs support Bulgaria’s IT ecosystem growth and development. 

Founded in 2009 by Telerik’s founders - Svetozar Georgiev, Boyko Iaramov, Vasil Terziev and Hristo Kosev, and with nearly 50,000 users, Telerik Academy is one of the most successful educational organizations in Bulgaria. The Academy is part of Campus X.


Our mission is train and groom the digital builders of Bulgaria. We are the hub that connects Bulgarian talent, organizations and training resources to advance personal development, professional careers, grow businesses and earn long-term competitive advantage for Bulgaria.


Telerik Academy Alpha - a new 6-month program for training of junior software specialists. The program equips tech students, graduates, junior developers and experts in other fields with the necessary knowledge and skills to jumpstart their careers in the IT sector. Through innovative teaching methods and a personalized training approach mixed with work on real-world projects, Telerik Academy Alpha students build up the skillset to be Master junior developers. Upon graduation, students receive a certificate and are ready to kickstart a successful IT career.

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