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We refine, combine, create and change.

We produce innovative and useful products powered by clean energy.
Our mision is creating practical and close to people innovation.

Mission, Vision, Overall description of product / company

Top Innovation Ltd. aims at creating an innovative product, which will use solar energy.
Solar sun umbrella – photovoltaic panels will be used during the main part of its manufacture. With their help the umbrella will transform the sunlight into energy for charging and connecting with mobile devices, for cooling drinks, for sending SOS messages, for providing WiFi connection and information about the near-by tourist attractions and other useful functions.
The solar umbrella is planned to be a seasonal installation. It will be the same as the beach umbrellas, managed by concessionaires, hotel owners, recreation centres, municipalities and others, who have suitable terrains at their disposal.
Main functions and components of the solar umbrella:
-    Sun protection
-    Built-in information display, which provides the latest data on time, air and water temperature, as well as the telephone numbers of the local emergency services
-    WiFi connection via a built-in router for the umbrella users
-    Charging of mobile devices via USB connection (self-phones and tablets)
-    Cooling of water and other drinks through a built-in cooling container
-    An emergency button which gives signals to the near-by lifeguard or the other people on the beach that help is needed
-    Connection with other mobile devices via specially designed mobile application/software, which informs the tourists on the beach about local cultural and historical sights, museums, cinemas, tourist information centres and other types of tourist useful information, contributing to raising the tourist attendance of these sights
-    The umbrella will be autonomous and mobile if need be
The application:
In the tourist sector
-    On beaches and tourist complexes
-    Hotels with outdoor pools and leisure centres
-    Aqua parks and other outdoor complexes, suitable for the solar umbrella
-    Sailing vessels, yachts and tourist ships, etc.



Information Technologies


Phase: Concept, Prototype
Date of birth: 15/03/2016