United Ideas for Bulgaria

Plamen Todorov
Type of the organization / person: Education, Catalysts

United Ideas for Bulgaria is a non-governmental organization that promotes social engagement and the realization of civil projects.

The organization was created by motivated young Bulgarians and was officially registered as a non-profit organization. As an international network of Bulgarians and an ideological community, United Ideas for Bulgaria (UIB) is gathering proposals for solutions to the challenges facing Bulgaria. 

The main project of United Ideas for Bulgaria, the IDEAS - THAT'S US, is dedicated to social entrepreneurship and stimulates the creation of social innovations and projects.

Nearly 150 Bulgarian students from Bulgaria and abroad work annually on key issues in the fields of technology, economics, culture, science, education, the environment, the urban environment, etc. 

Other projects EIB is working on or partnering are the Social Entrepreneurship Course, Reset, UIB Bohemi, "12 Cause" Calendar, Ideinik, Select Bulgaria, Radio Idea, Seminars Without Borders, Outside the frames, and more.

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