Type of the organization / person: R&D, Co-working, Catalysts, Other

VarnaLab is neither a company, nor a product or a commercial organization.

VarnaLab is an independent place, developed and used by people who share a common interest, usually in the field of computers, machines, technology, science and digital or electronic arts. At VarnaLab they can meet, communicate and collaborate. 

VarnaLab is part of the 1,600 hackerspaces in the world, and is part of the network of


The mission of VarnaLab is to be an independent place for sharing knowledge, ideas and technologies. We want to help the community by organizing trainings, workshops, teaching sessions,  events,  games, as well as by providing it with a shared workplace and some hacking tips!

Key clients and/or partners

At VarnaLab you can meet geeks, nerds, IT professionals, photographers, students, designers, artists, gamers, and many others.


Information Technologies

Research and development