Virtual and Augmented Reality Laboratory - Sofia Tech Park

Type of the organization / person: R&D

The aim of the laboratory is to develop, implement and disseminate the virtual and expanded reality as well as the related innovative technologies, working methods, tools and equipment in different spheres of industry, science, education and social life in the country and other European countries Union.

Main activities of the Laboratory: 

Preparing, researching, and correcting tri-dimensional models of devices and devices in a real-world real-world environment using natural interaction techniques, visual verification of structure and object properties, and integration of tactile feedback and sound effects for rapid system development And supporting decision-making.

Developing and applying in practice practices for collaborative work and integration of virtual reality systems into the overall process of product lifecycle management directly into virtual reality systems and implementing effective information exchange between CAD programs and virtual reality and expanded reality systems .

Development and implementation of virtual prototyping methods based on the collaboration of software products for engineering analysis and simulation with virtual and expanded reality systems.

Development of new methods, technologies, interfaces and interaction techniques, tools and aids.

Using an artificially created multi-modal virtual learning environment (arena) with different levels of immersion along with the development of relevant scenarios and narratives.

Multimodal presentation, exploration and retrieval of data from large data volumes (data mining), 3D projection of presentations, video and simulations.

Develop and implement in practice virtual video conferencing and virtual product presentation methods.

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