Wasabi Innovations

Our Mission is to initiate and advance green innovations using water and surface-active molecules to design bio-mimetic devices.

We find it interesting that soap bubbles have inspired scientific investigations and profound discoveries by some of the greatest minds of humanity, pioneers like Leonardo da Vinci, Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein.       

We scientifically explore the intriguing form of a soap film for emergent phenomena, and we design new functional soap molecules and associated devices with a goal of developing and introducing potentially transformative technologies. 

Mission, Vision, Overall description of product / company

We are a seed stage start-up, working with multiple research partners, developing technologies with soap films.

We are working on an Artificial Photosynthesis demonstrator, where soap film bio-mimics a leaf for converting CO2 into fuel. Technology scale-up is envisioned in form of large volume regenerative soap foam.   



Research and development


Phase: Prototype, Validation
Date of birth: 01/09/2016