1. pay a small fee and get as many clothes as you want
  2. get rid of unworn clothes
  3. engage in a social cause
  4. get free goods
  5. participate in workshops and gain knowledge, recycle
  6. exchange/swap events
  7. extend the lifecycle of the clothes
  8. save time and money
  9. become aware of overconsumption, global warming
  10. join a community
  11. become sustainable
  12. get a fashion advice
  13. become empowered with knowledge about sustainability
  14. support a social cause
  15. do good
  16. become a social activist

ZOVV EOOD works in several directions focused on environmental and sustainability topics:

  • Events for swapping clothes called “Vartidreshka” visited by a core of regular visitors who want to discover the next “ hidden treasures”.
  • A fashion transformation course called "Sunday Fashion Session", which aims to teach participants how to wear their clothes according to their body shapes, how to combine clothes unconventionally, how to capsule their wardrobes and makeup so that to emphasize natural beauty. At the end of each course, there is also a practical part that gives them the inspiration to fix, re-work their old clothes and wear them again. 
  • ZOVV – a sustainable collection of single women garments, made of recycled clothes.

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cbj--BQ1vsY&t=10s

Mission, Vision, Overall description of product / company

ZOVV is this “call” of the planet that makes us stop, opens our eyes and make us realize that we buy a lot, more than we need.

ZOVV gives you three easy opportunities to make use of your old clothes and accessories:

1. Through so-called "fashion" abroad swap events “Vartidreshka” - events where people can exchange their unnecessary clothes and find new ones, renew and refresh their wardrobe for a minimal price.

2. Through transformation workshops “Sunday Session Fashion” where our participants, with the help of mentors, learn techniques and methods by which they transform clothing /accessories. Our idea is to empower people to feel more brave and confident in their potentialities, to try it with their own way, with both hands to upgrade a small defect on the garment or to completely transform it. In this way, they can really appreciate the diligence of artists, designers, tailors, spending hours crafting. Having a personal experience, we can best appreciate the value of the items and admire the creativity of the designers.

3. By re-making, cutting and sewing individual items, which are no longer used and creating a new product. Using recycling techniques, we have created ZOVV collection, in collaboration with a fashion designer.

ZOVV is a sustainable collection created by one-sized models made from the transformation of the clothes that did not find their new owner in the earlier events. Four elements form ZOVV: - Earth, Fire, Water and Air. Accessories made from waste materials, with the collaboration of great Bulgarian designers, strengthen the message of the collection: "Towards a sustainable environment!".

After creating ZOVV Collection, we closed the scope of resource utilization -and gave an example of how we can efficiently use their qualities, creating a minimal surplus.


Textiles and apparel

Phase: Exiting
Date of birth: 28/08/2017