Privacy Policy effective July 19, 2017
We have written this policy to explain how Association of Bulgarian Leaders and Entrepreneurs trading as StartupNavigator ("we", "us" or " StartupNavigator") uses the data you give us through our site(s), including but not limited to
By providing personal information you are deemed to consent to your personal information being shared outside StartupNavigator in the following circumstances:
o    where StartupNavigator needs to share your information to provide the service you have requested.
o    where StartupNavigator needs to send the information to third parties who work on behalf of StartupNavigator to provide a service to you. We will only provide the information they need to deliver the service, and they are prohibited from using that information for any other purpose.
o    where StartupNavigator wants to keep you up to date on the latest service announcements, updates or other StartupNavigator information
o    where you have given us permission to share your information with third parties
o    StartupNavigator will also disclose your personal information if required to do so by law in urgent circumstances, to protect personal safety, the public or our website.
StartupNavigator offers networking features so you can interact with other people using StartupNavigator. The default setting for your profile will be to share your name, profile photo, affiliations, key events, profile descriptions, public information from an external service you have provided and key contacts publicly. Content on any private discussion board will only be available to leaders, members and mentors of that group, unless you indicate otherwise. Additionally we may make anonymized information available to a third party for research purposes. You can revoke access to your profile or remove the ability to message you (as applicable) at any time by using the relevant features to leave a specific group, leave a specific company, hide your profile or retract a mentor/similar relationship. Regardless of the default setting, we will provide you with a setting to disable your profile on StartupNavigator. Please note that your information may still be accessible on search engines for a number of days after you have disabled your profile on StartupNavigator. Additionally, it is important to remember the people you share with can always share your information with others and if you do actions on StartupNavigator like making an application, getting a deal or using Instant Apply, the data you provide may be shared with third parties as required to fulfil your request. Also consider that if you choose to enable StartupNavigator to publish on your behalf to a third party, anything published will be subject to that third party's privacy policy. We require third parties to respect your privacy, and your agreement with a third party will control how your information is used, stored, and transferred by the third party.
There are a few types of information on StartupNavigator.
One type is the basic information displayed on your company/team/program/individual profile on StartupNavigator. Examples are your name, experience, company, sector, descriptions, mentors, team members and that you have applied to a program or attended an event, which is generally visible, may be search indexed and displayed on external sites by authorized program and/or company members. This information is initially drawn from your Facebook or LinkedIn data and may then be updated, modified, removed or altered by you and others. This information may be created and modified based on your relationships on StartupNavigator, such as joining a team profile, and actions you take while using StartupNavigator, such as registering to attend an event.You may block such use of your basic information at any time by making your profile hidden.
StartupNavigator users that provide Application Question Responses: Information you provide directly to an entity on StartupNavigator that has created an application form in response to questions they have created specifically for their program or entity is not basic information (“Application Question Responses”) . Application Question Responses that you provide to an entity on StartupNavigator are available to that entity’s administrators and designated evaluators, as well as any programs you choose or authorize the transfer your application/infomation to using a mechanism such as Instant Apply. Entities to which you provide Application Question Responses may use that data, any associated basic information and data available by virtue of your relationship with that entity both on and outside of StartupNavigator.
Another type of information is provided by you in response to questions that an entity on StartupNavigator that has created an application form that are template questions, such as questions relating to your startup’s growth or funding. These types of questions are linked to the relevant portions of your personal or team profile and will be available to the entity referenced above and otherwise available as determined by you with StartupNavigator content options.
All StartupNavigator users: Additionally, you may provide information on StartupNavigator or solicit information from a third party for which you have full, partial or no control of access, Examples are information describing your company or a recommendation. We will provide visibility options as applicable. If there are no visibility options available, you should assume that the information is publicly available.
StartupNavigator users that solicit StartupNavigator users to provide Application Question Responses: StartupNavigator will not distribute or otherwise make available any Application Question Responses information without your permission. This provision extends to any evaluation notes and custom tags created by Evaluators. You will be notified if Anonymized Application Question Responses information will be made available to a third party and you will have the opportunity to decline making such anonymized information available.
This policy applies each time you submit data to the site(s). Your use of the site(s) means that you agree that we may use that data in accordance with this policy. Our privacy policy will change from time to time. The up to date privacy policy will always be shown on this page.
Your data
When you sign up for the site(s), you provide us with data directly or through the use of an external authentication, such as Facebook or Linkedin, that may include your name, email, password, entities or companies you are associated with and any other data provided by your chosen setting, or authorized to be provided, by you. We only access information from external authentication about you that is provided as basic information or is on your public profile on Facebook/LinkedIn as per your chosen privacy settings on those services. We will explicitly tell you when we do this during the process of creating a new account on StartupNavigator. Our current registration page is at and additional pages throughout the Site.
You can provide additional data, change and/or the data you provided when you registered, as available on StartupNavigator.
We retain the data, in accordance with this policy, from all of your activities on the site(s) that includes your Content, such as posting, a reply to other users, requesting services, making a customer service request and any other means of generating content on the site(s). Further examples are posting an update of what your company is doing, creating a program page and sharing a link about what you're doing.
We will offer you tools to enter addresses and upload addresses so you can find your contacts and invite others to the site(s). You are responsible for any e-mail addresses or invites you provide.
We will not store any passwords you provide us in order to upload these addresses after using it for the initial upload.
We may access your data as follows: to provide you with information about services and other items that be of interest, provided that such use is consistent with this policy.
o    to notify you of changes in the services we provide.
o    to administer your account with us to allow you to use the site(s).
o    to provide you with promotional material, but only in accordance with the terms.
o    to use your data to customise the services we provide to you.
o    to enable us to provide you with advertisements.
Other users of the site(s) may access your data if they have the rights to do so, or, if you have given them the right to access or see your data. An example is that the designated evaluators of a program may access your application to that program.
Your data will be available to us and to anyone you send it to for all non-public communication, such as messages. We may store data as required when you have authorized us to enable log-in using external authentication and access a third-party.
Any use that another user of the site(s) makes of your data is beyond our control. Any data you provide to us and the site(s) must comply with the terms.
In the event that StartupNavigator is involved in a bankruptcy, merger, acquisition, reorganization or sale of assets, your information may be sold or transferred as part of that transaction. The promises in the privacy policy will apply to your information as transferred to the new entity.
StartupNavigator Off-Site Distribution
StartupNavigator users: StartupNavigator provides mechanisms using APIs, widgets, feeds and similar methods to provide external entities access to information on StartupNavigator (“StartupNavigator Distribution”). All users of such mechanisms must agree that their use of such will not violate this Privacy Policy or the Terms and Conditions.
StartupNavigator users of StartupNavigator Distribution: You agree to not make any persistent local copy of any StartupNavigator information for longer than twelve hours, to maintain any API key or other authentication provided to you as confidential, to identify data as originating from StartupNavigator and to not use StartupNavigator data in any way detrimental to StartupNavigator users, in our sole opinion. If we ask, you will immediately erase all StartupNavigator information you receive through use of StartupNavigator Distribution mechanisms.
Deactivating your account
You may deactivate your account at any time by messaging support at [email protected] . After you deactivate your account, we may retain information that we are required to keep and any information that has been shared on the site(s). Additionally, any data you have submitted or shared with a third party, such as Application Question Responses or other application related information, will not be deleted by us. Any data or information we retain about you will continue to be treated under the terms.
When you deactivate an account, it is permanently deleted from StartupNavigator. It take us up to ninety days to deactivate an account, but some information may remain in backup copies and logs for up to six months. You should only deactivate your account if you are sure you never want to reactivate it.
Information we collect when you use the site(s)
Statistical information, which does not reveal your personal or organizational identity such as:
o    Details of visits to our site(s) and items accessed.
o    Information such as your browser type, phone type, location, and/or IP address.
We use cookies and similar means as follows to deliver a more personalised service through mean like storing your preferences, helping you find things more quickly, to serve advertisements (if we choose to do so in the future), to let you log-in more quickly,
o    so when you visit our site(s) we recognise you as an existing user,
o    and to identify particular visits to the site(s). You may refuse to accept these cookies by changing your browser setting to refuse cookies. By refusing cookies you may be unable to use all or some of our site(s). You can find more detail on how we use Cookies.
We may preserve or disclose your information if we believe that it is reasonably necessary to comply with a law, regulation or legal request; to protect the safety of any person; to address fraud, security or technical issues; or to protect StartupNavigator's rights or property.
Contacting you
We will contact you by email, SMS, phone and other ways only if you give us the information required to do so and do not indicate that you do not want to be contacted in these ways. You may indicate that you do not want to be contacted by e-mail using the settings functionality on StartupNavigator and can tell us at any time that you do not want to be contacted by any other means by emailing [email protected] .